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Yes! We are so excited to have a brick-and-mortar location at Palisades Village in Pacific Palisades, California. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, we would love for you to stop by and visit! For more information, please visit our

Austicon is a member of The Fair Trade Federation and the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. While many of the artisan groups that we source from are members of fair trade organizations, we seek out and prioritize working with artisan groups in underserved communities. Therefore, not every group has the means to become a member. In order to make sure that every group we source from meets fair trade standards, we have a vetting process to determine that each group is following fair trade practices, including paying fair wages, providing a safe environment, and not using forced or child labor.

We are committed to building relationships with artisan co-ops, community-based organizations, and social enterprises that adhere to fair trade standards in developing high-quality, handmade products. We prioritize working with groups that are women-centered, encourage empowerment through economic development, and promote basic human rights. We work with artisan groups that support local leadership, provide skill training, and focus on the most under-resourced communities. It is important to us that the artisan groups and social enterprises are committed to environmentally sustainable practices, exercise transparency in all stages of production, and support community development. If you are interested in selling your handmade items at Austicon, click

At Austicon, we choose to invest in women. The United Nations found that when women work, they invest 90 percent of their income back into their families, compared with 35 percent for men.* Austicon proudly sources from some of the most underserved populations, including indigenous artisan women, artisans with disabilities, young mothers, single mothers, and widows, because we recognize that investing in women means investing in their children and communities.

At Austicon, we believe that conscious, ethical purchases can change the world. Rather than solely accepting monetary donations like many other nonprofits, our model relies on product purchases. Instead of donating dollars, we source handmade products from artisan and producer groups around the world to support dignified income opportunities and women’s economic autonomy. This helps them invest the money into their families and their communities at-large.

Customers are free to be creative with their personalization and customizations, whether that is a message, phrase, artwork, or logo.
Please kindly note that we reserve the right to cancel any personalized or custom candle orders if we determine, in our sole discretion, that the requested personalization or customization is inappropriate or otherwise inconsistent with the exercise of good judgment.